Understanding the Health Benefits of Ginger

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Health Benefits for Sacramento, CA Seniors Who Eat Ginger

The aromatic spice known as ginger is a common flavor ingredient in many Asian dishes. The condiment is readily available year round in ground or fresh root forms. The resin contains various components that include gingerols, which many believe possess pharmacological capabilities. When it comes to senior health, Sacramento caregivers believe ginger can help with the following issues.

Motion Sickness

For thousands of years, ginger has been a common remedy for gastrointestinal ailments. This spice was often used to alleviate dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. As such, this spice may counteract the symptoms associated with inner ear conditions and motion sickness.


A study published in an issue of Osteoarthritis Cartilage explains 12 months of research that evaluated the effects of ginger on arthritic symptoms. At the end of the year, 75 percent of the arthritic participants experienced symptom reduction and all of the people who experienced muscular pain or swelling from other causes noticed symptomatic relief.

Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer

Researchers from the Hormel Institute at the University of Minnesota studied the effects of gingerols on laboratory animals injected with human colorectal samples. Tumor development was reduced by 75 percent among the group that was fed ginger. Of the mice that did develop tumors, the size of the growths was roughly half of that compared to the malignancies in the control group. At an Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer, a group of scientists from the University of Minnesota also demonstrated that gingerols kill ovarian malignancies by triggering self-death and self-digestion.


A group of scientists from the University of Sydney in Australia discovered that gingerols increased the cellular glucose uptake by increasing the availability of a protein known as GLUT4. People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes either have or lack a sufficient amount of this protein, which means that ginger can boost this protein and help manage diabetes symptoms.

Reaction Time and Memory

The Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research provided 60 women with ginger supplementation over a two-month period and found that participants exhibited increased reaction time and enhanced memory skills. When you add a sufficient amount of ginger into your loved one’s diet, it may enhance cognitive function and memory recall. This may be especially helpful for seniors who receive Alzheimer’s or dementia care in Sacramento, CA.

Ginger is easily incorporated into daily diets by making ginger lemonade, sprinkling the spice over vegetables and rice dishes, or combining the condiment with garlic, olive oil, and sauce in a salad dressing. To help your loved one maintain a nutritious and balanced diet, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Sacramento. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, we also assist seniors with personal care, housekeeping, and other aspects of daily life. To learn more about our flexible care programs, contact a friendly Care Manager at (916) 706-0169 today and schedule an in-home consultation.


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