7 Items Seniors Can Get at No Cost

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No-Cost Items for Aging Adults in Sacramento, CA

Some older adults aren’t thrilled about aging, while others wholeheartedly embrace the changes that come with being in a later stage of life. Regardless of how your elderly loved one feels about getting older, he or she is sure to appreciate the ability to get certain things for free because of his or her age. Specific freebies for seniors vary by location, so we’re going to focus on seven free things typically accessible to most older adults.

1. Admission to National Parks/Historic Sites

The U.S. National Park Service offers a discounted senior pass for adults 62 and older. It allows older adults to enjoy free admission to more than 400 national parks and certain historic sites. The pass typically covers entrance and standard day-use fees. The cost for a lifetime pass is $80, and an annual pass is $20.\

2. Gym & Fitness Class Memberships

Encourage your loved one to get more exercise by looking for free gym or fitness class memberships for seniors in your area. Another way to get this perk is with Silver Sneakers, which is a free fitness program for Medicare beneficiaries that offers members access to more than 14,000 gyms and fitness centers across the country.

A home caregiver can help your loved one stay physically and mentally active. Sacramento senior home care experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.

3. Tax Counseling

Another free perk seniors can enjoy is tax assistance, which can be especially beneficial if they have investments and other financial issues that tend to make filing taxes complicated. One program that offers free tax help for seniors is Tax Counseling for the Elderly, which is run by IRS-certified volunteers at various community locations nationwide.

4. Bus Passes

Many major cities with public transit systems offer free bus passes for riders 65 and older, and this can be a great way for seniors to run errands or just get out to socialize if they’re still mobile and able to use public transportation safely. Some transit systems have specific hours when free senior passes can be used.

Providing transportation and helping your loved one run errands are just two of the many services a home caregiver can provide. For some families, caring for a senior loved one can be overwhelming at times. Luckily, they can rely on professional respite care. Sacramento, CA, Home Care Assistance is a trusted name in respite and hourly care. Our caregivers are available around the clock to assist seniors with bathing, transportation, medication reminders, exercise, and much more, allowing families the time they need to focus on other important responsibilities or just take a break.

5. Hearing Aids

Age-related hearing loss can make it difficult to maintain a high quality of life. If your loved one is hesitant about getting hearing aids, he or she may be able to get these devices for free with Medicaid. If full Medicaid coverage isn’t available, organizations like the March of Dimes and local rotary clubs often offer new or reconditioned hearing aids for free to seniors.

6. College Courses

Learning has no age limit. If your loved one has a desire to acquire new knowledge, he or she may be able to take some courses for free. While such perks are often offered by local community colleges, some major colleges and universities also give older adults access to free learning programs.

7. Restaurant Perks

Some restaurants give seniors free beverages. Others have special promotions that allow senior customers to earn points toward free meals or menu items. Search online to see which restaurants in your area offer similar perks your loved one can enjoy.

Taking advantage of these cost-saving opportunities can help aging adults boost their wellbeing and enjoy a higher quality of life. Seniors who want to remain healthy as they age can benefit in a variety of ways when they receive professional home care. Home Care Assistance is here to help your loved one accomplish daily tasks, prevent illness, and focus on living a healthier and more fulfilling life. To create a customized home care plan for your loved one, call Home Care Assistance at (916) 706-0169 today.


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