5 Essential Tools to Simplify Tasks for Seniors with Parkinson’s

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Simple Tools That Can Make Life Easier for Seniors with Parkinson's in Sacramento, CA

A senior who has Parkinson’s will experience a range of symptoms that can affect his or her daily life, including slow movements and shaking. As the condition progresses, routine tasks like eating and brushing teeth can become challenging. If your senior loved one is living with Parkinson’s, Sacramento home care have put together a list of some tools that can help him or her accomplish daily tasks with greater ease. 

1. Bathroom Tools 

You can make your loved one’s bathroom much safer and more accessible by adding some new equipment. Install a shower chair and grab bars to help him or her get in and out of the shower. An electric toothbrush and razor can help your loved one brush his or her teeth if he or she cannot do so because of shaky hands.

2. Gripping Tools

Something as simple as holding a fork can be difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s. However, putting a grip on the handle of an eating utensil or a toothbrush can make it easier to hold. The rubber exterior provides a grip and can easily slide and fit over the handle of different eating utensils.

3. Dressing Aids

Seniors with Parkinson’s may have difficulty getting dressed. Choosing clothes with zipper pulls and shoes with elastic shoelaces or Velcro tabs can make your loved one’s routine much easier. When your loved one is indoors, wearing socks with nonslip soles instead of traditional slippers may prevent him or her from falling should he or she lose balance. However, as the condition progresses, you should consider hiring Parkinson’s home care in Sacramento to support your loved one.

4. Voice Gadgets

Parkinson’s can affect a person’s voice. Your loved one may find his or her voice has become soft or he or she has difficulty forming words. Using a voice amplifier can help raise his or her voice. This gadget can come in handy at social events where many conversations are taking place. Telephone amplifiers can also help your loved one increase the volume of his or her voice when talking on the phone.

5. Organizing Aids

In certain cases, Parkinson’s can affect a senior’s memory. A pillbox with compartments featuring the days of the week along with an alarm that reminds your loved one to take them can be quite helpful. If your loved one has a smartphone, he or she can use the calendar function as a reminder for appointments.

If your loved one has Parkinson’s and daily tasks have become more challenging to manage, consider hiring a trained caregiver from Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of respite and live-in care Sacramento families trust, and our caregivers can help your loved one navigate daily life by assisting with tasks like cooking, bathing, grooming, and exercise. Call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (916) 706-0169 today to learn about how our senior care services can help your loved one lead an independent life for as long as possible.


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