Spending Thanksgiving with a Sick Senior

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How to Spend Thanksgiving with Your Senior Loved One in Sacramento, CA

Seniors often find the holidays difficult because it involves a lot of cooking, cleaning, and preparation, which can be hard for your elderly loved one if he or she is ill. If you take the time to make your family member feel special this holiday, it can help lift his or her spirits. Sacramento in-home caregivers can recommend some simple but significant ways you can help your sick senior loved one have fun this Thanksgiving.

Keep It Simple

A calm and quiet atmosphere promotes the restful environment needed for effective healing and recuperation. Create a tranquil setting with warm, inviting decorations and invite a few close family members to minimize the noise, confusion, and chaos usually associated with the holiday. This will create a cozy, intimate setting that allows your sick loved one to enjoy the company of family without feeling overwhelmed.

Make the Day Special

Make the event more memorable by adding a few elements of family traditions. Prepare or bring foods enjoyed during your senior loved one’s childhood. Maybe plan a unique activity to brighten the time spent together or reminisce over old family stories to add some nostalgia to the day. Make a gift of old photographs, watch home movies, or create a digital library of your loved one’s favorite music for a special treat.

Lend an Ear

Listen and express empathy when if senior loved one becomes overwhelmed or needs to rest. He or she may need to express feelings of frustration or unrest, which you will need to accommodate. Remember to be patient and understanding when listening to your loved one so you can focus on making the holiday easy and cheerful for him or her.

Make Your Loved One  a Priority

Say and do things that reaffirm the importance of your loved one in your life. If your senior loved one is experiencing any form of incapacitation and receives assistance from Sacramento Alzheimer’s care or dementia care, seniors may feel like a burden to those around them. Be sure to periodically convey your love and express the pleasure you feel from having the chance to celebrate with your senior loved one. 

Make the Most of Your Time

For many elders, having the chance to spend the day with loved ones means more than material gifts. It is a chance to reconcile old differences, make new memories, and give thanks for the time we have together. Make the most of this Thanksgiving season and devote yourself to spending quality time with your sick senior loved one instead of focusing on peripheral distractions.

During this Thanksgiving season, sick seniors may also benefit from Sacramento live-in home care from Home Care Assistance. Our trusted caregivers offer assistance with various household activities such as cooking, cleaning, and running errands for seniors in Sacramento. A complimentary consultation is only a phone call away. Call us today at 916.706.0169 to speak with a friendly Care Manager and learn more about how we can help your senior loved one.


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