Have Researchers Unlocked the Key to Anti-Aging?

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How Skin Cells Hold the Key to Anti-Aging in Sacramento, CA

Scientist may be one step closer to unlocking the mystery behind aging thanks to a recent study conducted at Newcastle University. During the study, skin cells were tested to determine what happens to them at their most basic level as they age. The study’s results seem to confirm the long suspected theory that as skin cells age, the production of a very specific enzyme slows down. This enzyme is known as mitochondrial complex II and is responsible for providing the cell with energy. Here’s what medical professionals and Sacramento home care providers need to know about this recent finding.

The study examined the delicate skin cells of 27 different donors, ranging in age from 6 to 72 years of age. These skin cells were extracted from a protected area of the body to ensure that exposure to sunlight and other natural elements wouldn’t affect the study’s results. Upon inspection, it was revealed that older cells contained significantly less mitochondrial complex II than younger ones. It was also determined that enzyme levels were lower in skin cells taken from the deeper layers of skin. This observation has never been reported in human skin before and seems to indicate that energy enzymes decrease only within cells that have stopped renewing themselves. 

On the surface, it appears that this discovery’s most immediate use may be in producing cosmetic skincare products that replace this enzyme or somehow encourage its production. The study results potentially go much deeper, however, allowing scientists to understand the aging process at its most basic cellular level. If other body cells, including those of internal organs, experience the same effects from aging, it may eventually be possible to slow or reverse the aging process through the production or harvest of mitochondrial complex II. While we may be a long way from that at this moment, this study could prove to be the turning point at which humans discovered how to truly defy the aging process.

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