Preparing Your Elderly Loved One’s Home for In-Home Stroke Care

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In-Home Stroke Recovery Advice for Seniors in Sacramento, CA

The effects of a stroke can vary from one senior to another. The physical and cognitive effects depend on the injured area of the brain, the degree of impact on the brain, and the potential for recovery. When your senior loved one moves back home after having a stroke, take his or her limitations into consideration. You may want to hire professional Sacramento elder care, but you should also make a few changes to the home environment.

Provide Mobility Assistance

In preparation for your loved one’s arrival, plan for his or her mobility needs. Someone who is unable to walk must rely on a wheelchair or mobile device for navigating the home. A senior who can walk may require a cane or walker for balance and stability. Modifications around the house may include:

  • Exterior ramps
  • 32-inch or wider doorways
  • Cleared pathways
  • Handrails along walls

Make Alterations to the Bathroom

Senior stroke survivors have limited mobility, which increases the risk of accidents in bathrooms. However, there are some safety devices you can install in the bathroom, including:

  • Nonslip surfaces in showers and tubs
  • Sturdy grab bars in the bathing area and on either side of the toilet
  • Shower or tub chair
  • Handheld shower head
  • Levers in place of faucet knobs
  • Visible blue and red faucet markings

Make the Bedroom More Accessible

Accessing clothes and the bed are both concerns for a senior stroke survivor. Possible alterations to the bedroom might include:

  • Lowered clothing rails in the closet
  • Low-profile dressers
  • Assistive devices for dressing and undressing
  • Overhead and bed grab rails for repositioning and transfers
  • Bedside commode

Modify the Kitchen

Seniors in wheelchairs may find it challenging to reach cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Some modifications you might want to consider for the kitchen include:

  • Lowered countertops
  • Roll under shallow sinks and food prep areas
  • Controls positioned on the front of the stove
  • Lever handles on sinks
  • Cupboard or table near stove and oven for ease of pot placement
  • Nearby oven mitts and pot holders
  • Side-by-side refrigerator/freezer appliances

Address Personal Household Needs

Your loved one may require assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and household chores if he or she is to remain safe and comfortable at home. If your loved one is facing challenges at home, a live-in or respite caregiver in Sacramento can help him or her move around the house and complete daily tasks.

At Home Care Assistance, our trained caregivers can help your loved one have a smoother recovery following a stroke. Our caregivers are available 24/7, we offer comprehensive post-stroke care Sacramento families can trust, and all of our senior care services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call (916) 706-0169 today to learn more about flexible elder care options for your loved one.


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