Laughter and How It Enhances Senior Health

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How Laughter Benefits Elderly Health in Sacramento, CA

Most of us have heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”, but it’s easy to laugh that off as just an old wives’ tale. However, this saying may actually ring true as science has recently come to the same conclusion. Sacramento Home Care Assistance encourages families to learn how incorporating a little humor into their senior loved one’s lives can enhance elderly health and wellbeing.

Staves Off Memory Loss

Forgetting where we’ve put our keys or parked our car isn’t usually a laughing matter. As it turns out, laughing could have made it easier to remember in the first place. Researchers have discovered that laughter promotes our ability to remember by causing a decrease in production of the stress hormone cortisol that inhibits memory. This is useful information for seniors who receive dementia or Alzheimer’s home care in Sacramento as laughter can help stave off memory loss in the early stages of these diseases.

Promotes Positivity

Laughter can also put people in a cheerful frame of mind even if they were previously feeling down. This is particularly important for seniors who may be facing degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s because maintaining one’s positivity can stave off mental and physical illnesses that worsen a senior’s current condition. By simply sharing funny stories, jokes, or even a well-loved sitcom, you can encourage your senior loved one to be more joyful and less prone to negativity.

Fights Against Mental Illness

Scientists have also looked at the ways laughter can help seniors face the challenges of aging. In one particular study, they looked at how a good sense of humor can assist seniors living with chronic illnesses. The findings that focused on seniors with emphysema indicate that humor aids in warding off potential mental illness like depression and anxiety.

Boosts the Immune System

As we age, our immune systems can become more susceptible to illnesses. Good, strong, and regular bouts of laughter encourage the body to breathe from the diaphragm. This creates force that helps stimulate the lymph nodes to create more white blood cells and thereby strengthen a senior’s immunity. Be sure to encourage your senior loved one not to feel shy about having a good, hard laugh.

Your senior loved one’s health is no laughing matter, but a little laughter can significantly boost his or her health and overall wellbeing. To further enhance your loved one’s care in the comfort of home, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible hourly and live-in home care Sacramento families can trust anytime of day or night. Our expertly trained caregivers take the proper measures to promote senior health and wellness by offering assistance with nutritious meal preparation, regular physical activity, and emotional support. Call today at (916) 706-0169 to learn more about how we can help your elderly loved one.


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