Maintaining the Sexual Spark for Seniors

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How Senior Couples Can Maintain a Sexual Spark in Sacramento, CA

Maintaining a satisfying sex life can be difficult as we age. Sex can take the back burner to the pressures of daily life, and physical and emotional changes brought about by the aging process can decrease libido and sexual health. However, seniors and their Sacramento home caregivers know that a fulfilling sex life is a critical component of a relationship at any age and should be a realistic expectation for seniors. 

Sex and Aging

Sex can be difficult for seniors. Many health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and dementia can make sex uncomfortable and decrease sexual desire. Erectile dysfunction is a concern for many men, and hormonal changes in women can have a significant impact on sexual health. Many medications can also lead to decreased desire. Lastly, it may be difficult for seniors to maneuver in the same ways they did when they were younger which can make the physical act of sex difficult or impossible. 

Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life 

Despite these difficulties, it is still possible for seniors who receive Alzheimer’s, dementia, or even post-stroke Sacramento home care to have a satisfying sex life. A recent study by Chapman University noted that physical ability was less important than emotional connection in maintaining sexual fulfillment in a long-term relationship. Activities such as laughing together, making sex a priority, trying new things, and communicating desire were all more important than the mere frequency of sex. While traditional penetration may be difficult, seniors can try engaging in manual stimulation, massages, or use toys for sexual stimulation. Masturbation, erotic literature or movies, and communicating desire are also ways in which seniors can connect sexually. Lastly, it is critical for seniors to maintain their emotional connection as they age.

It is important for seniors to recognize that their sexual relationship may be different during this phase of life, but it is no less important than when they were younger. Seniors should speak with their doctor about any health problems that may inhibit sex, and maintain open communication with their partner about expectations. 

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