4 Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Loved One’s Vision

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4 Easy Eye Exercises for Seniors in Sacramento, CA

Daily exercise is known to improve senior health, but what about your loved one’s vision? There are numerous eye exercises that Sacramento home caregivers can encourage seniors to perform daily that can prevent vision loss. By strengthening the eye muscles, visual acuity and strength can improve. Take a look at some of these simple exercises seniors can try right at home. 

1. Palm the Eyes

This is a great exercise to relax the eye muscles and reduce tension. It is best for seniors to sit comfortably in a chair with elbows propped up on a desk. Have your loved one gently place palm of the hands over the eyes without applying too much pressure. Seniors should hold this position for a couple of minutes while taking deep breaths.

2. Look in Four Directions

Have your senior loved one stand straight and face forward. Instruct him or her to move his or her eyes to one side and focus on an object. Then, have your loved one move his or her eyes to the other side and focus on an object in the opposite direction. Finally, have your loved one look up to focus on an object above before shifting focus to another below. This will help strengthen the optical nerves and muscles.

3. Look Near and Far

Instruct your loved one to look at an object within 8 to 11 inches in front of him or her until it comes into clear focus. After your loved one’s eyes adjust, have him or her look out at an object farther off into the distance. Repeat this process 10-15 times to help your loved one strengthen his or her far or nearsightedness.

4. Change Focus

While sitting comfortably, have your loved one stretch out one arm and hold a pencil. Focus on the pencil at arm’s length, then have your loved one gradually bring the pencil closer to him or her while maintaining focus on the pencil. Once the pencil is about three inches from your loved one’s face, have him or her gradually move the pencil away again. Repeat this cycle three times.

These are just a few of the daily exercises your loved one can try to strengthen the eye muscles. Performing these exercises weekly will help your loved one maintain visual acuity and reduce vision loss. Learn more about vision and other exercises that benefit seniors by calling Home Care Assistance in Sacramento at (916) 706-0169 today. Our skilled caregivers are highly trained in the latest home care techniques and will help your loved one adopt healthy lifestyle choices to boost longevity and wellbeing. Don’t hesitate to give your loved one the care he or she deserves. Set up a complimentary consultation when you call.


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