Low-Maintenance Roses to Add to Your Senior Loved One’s Garden

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Low-Maintenance Roses to Plant with Seniors in Sacramento, CA

June 12th is celebrated throughout the United States as National Red Rose Day. The holiday provides the chance to admire the historic flower in all of its fragrant glory. The timing is appropriate as the bushes are typically blooming during this month in particular. Though the origin of the holiday is not certain, many believe that Australia was responsible for influencing the commemoration. The country from down under holds a similar celebration for an entire week. In honor of these flowers, seniors and their Sacramento senior care providers might consider planting a low-maintenance version of the plant. 

Drift Roses

Drift roses are a combination of full-size and miniature roses. The plants typically grow two to three feet in height and four feet in width. The hybrid enables the bush to mature as a ground cover-like variety while being resistant to disease. The plants need only be fertilized and mulched in the spring to produce an abundance of flower clusters that cover the plant in late spring and late fall. In addition to red, different varieties produce apricot, coral, peach or popcorn-colored blooms. 

Knock Out

Introduced in the year 2000, the Knock Out quickly grew in popularity across the country. Easy to care for and resistant to disease, the plant produces an abundance of rich red blooms. However, other varieties come in blush pink, hot pink, creamy yellow and sunset rainbow. The only drawback remains that the flowers are not extremely fragrant. 

Mister Lincoln

Unlike other hybrid tea roses, the Mister Lincoln was bred to be disease-resistant. Rich, fragrant perfume accompanies these velvety red flowers. Climbing versions are also available if your senior loved one doesn’t have a lot of gardening space or simply prefers roses on a trellis.

Rainbow’s End

This miniature variety matures to one or two feet in height and width, which makes the plant ideal for containers or front borders. The unusual floral display blooms yellow with red tips then transforms to red and finally pink. The Rainbow is favored for the plant’s ability to continually produce blooms all season. 

Give your loved one the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful and low-maintenance roses this June with help from Home Care Assistance. Our dedicated stroke, Alzheimer’s, and dementia caregivers in Sacramento are committed to helping clients age in place. We accomplish this not only by helping seniors manage injury or disease, but also by promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Call (916) 706-0169 today to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation with an experienced Care Manager. We look forward to helping your loved one accomplish the golden years he or she deserves.


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