Caregiver Testimonials

The supervisor from Home Care Assistance helps me a lot and is flexible with my hours, yet still helps me get the hours I want. If the supervisor sees that the shifts I have are tough, they work things around to help me feel comfortable and satisfied with my job.
— Anonymous – Caregiver

I like the staff. They have always been good to me. They treat everybody with respect.

Jacqueline C. - Caregiver Recommend Employment

The company is supportive and they are clear with their instructions. They are honest with me.

Tena H. - Caregiver Recommend Employment

Home Care Assistance is a good company to work for because they are easy to talk to, they help me if I have issues, and they are always there to help.

— Anonymous - Caregiver

I have worked with Home Care Assistance as a Caregiver since 2017, and I can honestly say that this profession has been one of the most fulfilling roles that I have taken on in the past 4 years. Home Care Assistance truly cares for not only their clients, but also their workers. The staff have always been quick to respond and listen to any questions or concerns. It has been a pleasure to work at an organization that works with both clients and caregivers in order to provide safe, quality care.

— Danielle P.