Kathy Herrfeldt

Home Care Assistance is the result of a dream and vision I’ve had for many years. I spent my “first “career working in information technology for 29 years until deciding to pursue my dream of running and owning my own company. I opened Home Care Assistance – Sacramento. (HCA) in 2013 and have never regretted my decision. I am passionate about making sure people have the information they need in order to make informed decisions. There is so much to consider before bringing someone into your home and I want to help people understand what they need to know before they get started with care.

Every experience I’ve had leading up to this work has prepared me to lead Home Care Assistance. I studied Cultural Anthropology at Regis University in Denver, Colorado which taught me how to appreciate and work with many types of people. I am a Certified Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) which taught me how to plan, develop and execute a strategy. I learned how to gather requirements and understand needs while working as a consultant for Gartner. Spending so many years in an industry that changes as much as IT does I learned to always be innovative, adapt to change and the importance of communication. I love the fact that I can have such a positive impact on people’s lives.

Jordan Brown

Robin Mesman
Executive Director / Recruiting Specialist

I have been with Home Care Assistance since 2015 as a Recruiting Specialist and in 2018 I was promoted to Executive Director. At Home Care Assistance my role is more than a job; it is a rewarding career where I can make a difference in a senior’s life.

I truly understand what our Care Partners go through on a daily basis. I can use my knowledge and expertise in working with seniors and hiring Care Partners as a wonderful benefit for the greater Sacramento area serving both our Clients and Care Partners. My passion for helping others in any way possible is what drives me every day to be a Champion of Aging Well.

Jordan Brown

Lisa Kahn
Administrative Assistant

I began my career in healthcare administration and management soon after completing High School. As a Health Science major at the California State University East Bay, I was hired as an assistant in a chiropractic office. This sparked my love for working with people, specifically in the healthcare field. By expanding my education in Healthcare Management and attending countless practice management seminars, I have spent over 25 years managing medical offices. In 2018 I took on the role of Administrative Assistant with Home Care Assistance. My primary job is managing and organizing the care notes for our clients and submitting claims to the Long term Care Insurance companies. I am excited to be part of the Sacramento Home Care Assistance Team. I truly enjoy helping people, implementing positive changes and making a difference.


Debi Brown
Employee Care Coordinator

I’ve had a passion for helping seniors for as long as I can remember. I cared for both my grandparents while they were declining in health. I continued on this path caring for my father who was battling melanoma skin cancer. My caregiving skills and experiences served me well as a member of the care team at a large in-home care provider. During my time there, I was given the opportunity to become the Director of First Impressions, representing the company to new clients and families.

In September of 2019, I started at Home Care Assistance of Sacramento (HCA) as the Client Care Coordinator. I left the company to move to another state however, like many others, our plans have changed due to COVID-19. I am excited to be back at HCA as the Employee Care Coordinator. Here at HCA it is not just a job, it is more like working with family. I truly feel that I am making relationships and bonds with our Care Partners and Clients that will last a lifetime. I love how we are Champions of Aging Well!


Krystal Avara
Employee Care Manager

My career in the healthcare field started in 2013, when I became a caregiver for a small in-home care agency. My love and passion for providing care only grew from there. I would then work as a direct support professional for a nonprofit organization providing care to adults with disabilities. Being a caregiver is truly rewarding in so many ways and I genuinely enjoy working in the field with clients. However, I was presented with an opportunity to work in an office as a care coordinator. With this role, I was able to build relationships with our clients and team members working in the field.

I started with Home Care Assistance of Sacramento in November 2020 as Employee Care Manager. As Employee Care Manager, I schedule care partners to work with our clients. This allows me to get to know each one of our care partners and place them in a setting in which they will shine like the stars they are. My role allows me to build relationships with our clients and field staff, relationships that will be everlasting. Home Care Assistance of Sacramento is a team that makes you feel like family, and I am excited to be a part of it.